A Quadcopter View of the Dunalley Bushfires

— Filmed in  January, 2013

This is some of my video I took over a week of transporting supplies in and out of the bushfire areas near the Tasman Peninsula. The locations include Boomer Bay, Dunalley, Murdunna and Sommers Bay. I was invited by locals into many remote locations not visible from any roads and far from Dunalley to give people a better idea of the unseen damage inflicted by the fires in these areas and some of the miraculously close calls amongst them. I used a small quadcopter I built with a Gopro black edition that I fly as a hobby. I hope to give people an alternative perspective to the dangers of bushfires, how quickly they can get out of control and how little is left in the aftermath of a fire on this scale. Stay safe! Be prepared! You can learn more from the Tasmanian Fire Service website.