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“In the relatively small compass of this beautiful isle, I found all the diversified charms of many lands.” –Frank Hurley, 1947

Our Story:

Originally conceived while hanging on a rope high in a gum tree, – or was it in a cavern underground? – Tasmanian Geographic is an independent social enterprise that exists to help you share your stories, observations, and explorations.

Tasmanian Geographic shares the stories of the adventurers, observers, projects, organisations, businesses, and citizens of the island. We promote citizen science and documentation within the realms of publishing and ecotourism.

We are a publication and forum for exploration, research,science outreach, adventure & expedition journalism, educational mapmaking, documentary filmmaking, ecological & experiential & educational tourism, historical musings, museum studies, project updates, and more. We publish magazine-style multimedia: research articles, narrative text, high-quality photo-essays, illustrated maps, audio podcasts, and online videos. Send us your stories!


This project was crafted from a mixture of several ingredients, cobbled and smashed together:

one handful of stringybark dust, one boot full of cave gravel, the smell of photographic-negative, fragments of 1 mm diameter polyester cord, King Billy Pine cones, a bit of Fremantle beach sand, flecks of ocean salt spray, leatherwood honey, a tall poppy, wombat cubes, dolerite fragments, ethanol from the bug lab, a ribbon from the tallest flowering plants, three slices from cutting grass, two bryozoan fossils, a kilo of Huon Valley apples, a strand of red hair,a bicycle brake cable, ice from a buttongrass plain, two tears shed over a roadkill quoll, crushed seashells, the memory of the aurora australis, a vial of North American volcanic ash, a leaf of an Indian banyan, one scratched camera lenses, the drool of an aiport sniffer dog, an even taller poppy, a tickets stub from a low cost airline, and a bucket of southwestern mud (precisely one inch deeper than your gaiters are tall).

Somehow, with your help, it’ll carry on down the trail ahead. Oh, and it’s online. And it’s free. Enjoy!

(And just in case you didn’t know – Tasmania is the small island in the lower right corner of Australia – the very farthest corner of the Afro-Austral-Eur-Asian supercontinent)

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