Andy Wilson

Andy lives in South Hobart, aka photographer capital of the planet (at least it seems to be!). For the past 18 years Andy's worked in the creative industry, he runs a company called Everything Everything, that also trades as a service business called Zoot Film Tasmania and a co-working office called Parliament Co-working. He's recently finished a personal project called Old Sea Dogs which is to be published and distributed around the state as a book.

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The Battle of the Brewers

In a small little valley in the south of Tasmania, a war rages, every year. In this war however, there is not a drop of blood spilt.  The casualties are few though even still there is only winner in the end. It is a war where small and large heads abound and colour is of no obstacle– in fact, it is greatly appreciated. Welcome to the yearly battle of the home brewers. Bring your gloves, bring your glass, but don’t spill a drop.