Angus Munro

Angus is a keen photographer who relishes the wild corners of Tasmania. He enjoys various mountain and water sports, and works as a technician and freelance researcher. He currently resides in Norway.

On the Pacific Coastline

There’s a stunning view to be had towards the rising sun from the Pacific Coast of Tasmania…..whether you are in the water or on the cliffs, there’s an adventure to be had. Here’s a handful of photos from the waves, to the sands, to the hills…

Mountaineering Memories – A Photo Journey

We love mountains here at Tasmanian Geographic- they are some of the most basic landmarks of a landscape and the most complicated manifestations of geology. We’re especially pleased to share these photos from the collection of Angus Munro, once-president of the Tas Uni Bushwalking Club. He’s left the island for the icy land of Norway, but on a recent trip back to Tas we managed to convince him to share some of his marvellous photos. Enjoy – The Editor.