Dan Broun

Dan Broun is a filmmaker and landscape photographer based in Hobart, Tasmania. He specialises in remote area work and spends vast amounts of time bushwalking in Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area, a place that he has a great affinity with. Dan’s photography is about connecting with country and attempting to convey that connectedness with education and conservation as the primary motivators for his work. He also has a fascination for the indigenous culture of Tasmania, how they lived in and interacted with the landscape, Dan has spent many months documenting cultural sites and practices through his video and photographic work.

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The Most Humbling Beauty – the Eastern Arthurs

We’re delighted to share these remarkable images from wilderness photographer Dan Broun after a recent excursion with Dugald Hamilton.

Dan shares his thoughts:

This is a walk I’ve wanted to do for many years, but for some reason I got distracted in other places. The Eastern Arthurs are truly rugged: in eight days we we travelled over 7 km of vertical ups and downs. There is danger everywhere, the range is highly exposed to foul weather… and it is jam packed full of the most humbling beauty imaginable.

An adventure for the ages. I simply can’t wait to go back. I do hope you enjoy this visual essay.