Debashis Talukdar

Debashis Talukdar is an IT professional and photography enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia. He primarily shoots landscapes and cityscapes, with a Canon 5D Mark II and an Olympus E-PL5. He started shooting time-lapse in late 2011 to take his love for photography to the next level. He has also started creating short films based on his photography trips. When he's not taking working or taking photographs, he plays the piano or spends time with his family and loved ones.

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Double Convex: Tasmania In Timelapse


In December 2012, I took a fifteen day vacation to Tasmania. I probably had more time on my hands than I needed for such a trip. However, I had plenty of memory, and was armed with two GoPro HD Hero Action Cameras, and a Canon 5D Mark II.
During this trip, I shot over 377GB of time lapse JPG images using the GoPro cameras, and just under 46GB of still RAW images using the 5D Mark II.

Tasmania truly is a world apart – and what if offers is purely natural. It is rugged as it is beautiful.

This video attempts to capture the journey and deliver it in a short and sharp four and a half minutes.