Francois Fourie

After living out of a backpack for eight years, Francois has settled in Tasmania. He is an accomplished night sky and subterranean photographer and was heavily involved in the first midwinter Aurora Festival. His brilliant photograph portfolio is online at:

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In Utter Darkness

There’s world class low-light photography happening here. Come and capture some photons in a technical photoshoot deep underground…

Timelapse: Tumultuous Tasmania

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, what will 65 000 pictures tell you?
If you have a few minutes spare, I invite you to watch this timelapse piece I’ve been working on tirelessly for the past 8 months. My aim is simple. To showcase the beauty of Tasmania through my passion for photography. This is my first attempt at such a project, and it is a huge and ongoing learning experience. Comments are welcomed.

Tumultuous Tasmania from Francois Fourie on Vimeo.


If you are unable to view the video online, you can check out these frame grabs: