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Gin-Clear Media is a multi-national company based in Te Anau, New Zealand. The company was formed 7 years ago with a clear objective to create inspiring and beautiful fly fishing films and fill a niche in the market that was being largely ignored. Five feature length films and numerous commercial projects later, we feel that we have achieved a large part of what we set out to do. We live and breathe fly fishing.

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The Source- Fly Fishing in Tasmania

The Source: Tasmania:
From Gin-Clear Media

Filmed by Nick Reygaert in stunning widescreen format, this is a captivating portrayal of what it means to fly fish in Tasmania.

The people, the scenery, the weather, the rivers, the lakes, the wilderness and the inevitable hunt for trophy trout.

Watch anglers battle giant sea trout in the wild rivers of Tasmania’s West Coast, stalk massive tailing trout in crystal clear highland lakes, marvel at the hidden beauty of rainforest creeks and experience a great hatch on Tassie’s fabled lowland rivers.

More than a century ago the first trout to ever be successfully transported into the Southern Hemisphere were hatched in the Salmon Ponds Hatchery in New Norfolk, Tasmania…..therefore when it comes to fly fishing downunder Tasmania is THE SOURCE.