Mick Lawrence

Mick Lawrence is a 70 year old documentary filmmaker who lives near Clifton Beach, Tasmania. A fifth generation Tasmanian he is an avid reader of non-fiction with particular interest in Tasmanian history, both aboriginal and settler, loves rising before dawn, roadtrips to nowhere, meeting new people and being alone in the southwest. He hates red jellybeans, going out of a night and being told what to do. He was a surfer for 45 years, state surfing champion in 1966/67 and his surf travels included Indonesia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Mexico and the USA. He has written articles for Tracks, Surfing World, Australian Longboarder and EuroSurf magazines and a book on the evolution of local surf culture: Surfing on the Inside. As a filmmaker he worked on all aspects from TV commercials to feature films and produced numerous documentaries for both national and international distribution on mountain climbing, Tasmanian Aboriginal culture and natural history. For the past 8 years Mick has been exploring some of the remote regions of the state by seakayak. His favourite spots are Port Davey, Lake Pedder, Cape Barren Island, Gordon/Franklin Rivers and Macquarie Harbour. Over summer he is also a guide at the Par Avion Wilderness camp at Bathurst Harbour, Melaleuca.

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The Graveyard of the Giants

The Southwest of Tasmania has been drastically altered by the giant lakes formed by hydroelectric dams. As a strange temporary reminder of the living landscapes that once existed, there is now an eerie forest standing starkly above the freshwater. Paddle slowly through the bare wooden treetops….