Nobu Tamura

Nobu Tamura is an exceptionally gifted artist and conjurer of extinct animals. You can find his work throughout the Web and the Wikimedia Commons illustrating animals that no longer exist on Earth. TG is tremendously delighted to share his world-class scholarship and artistry.

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Conjuring the Lost Marsupials

Australia is the primary home to the monotremes and the marsupials, two of the distinctive lineages of mammals. But did you know that the species alive today are only a small portion of the animals that were present less than a hundred thousand years ago? Just an instant ago- in geological time– there were gigantic wombats, monster platypuses, titanic kangaroos, and carnivorous beasts…

It takes a observant artist to reconstruct their faces and styles…take a careful look into their eyes and try to imagine the Australian landscape of the Pleistocene….


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