Norm and Dawn

Norm retired from work as a maritime teacher in 2007. Since then with Dawn his partner and their dog Pip, they have made their home a 12 meter motor sailing catamaran “Peggy-Anne”. The couple have cruised extensively along the East Australian coastline, spending time in the Gulf of Carpentaria and recently visiting Tasmania for The Wooden Boat Festival. They are keen amateur videographers and musicians. They document their travels extensively, producing high quality video blogs and posting them to YouTube.

icon light bulb Cruising East Coast Tasmania

Tassie Bound – Across Bass Strait

If you’re on your way to Tasmania for an adventure in the farthest south, there’s several ways to arrive. Most people arrive by ferry or airplane…but wouldn’t sailing be more relaxing? Join Norm and Down through their DIY Travel Documentary as they approach King Island 

  • Who are the Cruising East Coast Australia team?
  • We are retired creative people, avid videographers and musicians, who live on a boat.
  • What tools did you use to produce the travel film?
  • The internet gives us a great way of sharing our adventures with the wider public. With a good quality video camera a guitar or two and a laptop computer (which all take up a very small amount of space aboard) we can shoot and edit video and mix and master original music as backing tracks. Our finished work is then uploaded to YouTube and shared with the world.
  • Why did you make this film?
  • We are hoping to encourage and inform people who may aspire to this type of lifestyle. We really enjoy our hobby and have around 200 subscribers (and growing) following our adventures on the net.