Nostalgia Tasmania

"My business Nostalgia Tasmania has been developed over the past twenty seven years, from a desire to produce a product which would not only fill a creative urge for lovers of needlework, but to also promote Tasmania to locals and visitors alike." - Adrienne Charles

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Threads of Memory: Nostalgia Tasmania


‘Tourism through Craft’ is how I like to view my designs of counted cross stitch kits.
The initial concept has not changed, but the quality and presentation and designs have maintained the high standard aimed for at the outset.

Late in 1989 I wrote the following mission statement and it still applies to my thinking today.

My aim was to capture the beauty of Tasmania in some way – to show friends and family Interstate and Overseas the unique visual charm of this historic island State.”

Where to start?

The forests, mountains and tarns, the timid native animals, colourful wildflowers, scoparia and pandani stands –the wild rivers and the gentle meandering streams, pristine sandhills and roaring surf – caves – historic middens – the list is unending. The people – warm and friendly – and their homes, often reminders of the past, faithfully restored, cared for, lived in –what better way to remember a time and place and all the memories held dear.

Some homes shared with guests to catch a glimpse of the past, be it the elegant charm of a country estate, or the romantic cottages reminiscent of the old fruit pickers huts.

Also the lucky – the superb collection of cottages in Arthur Circus, a gem in the heart of Battery Point which were saved from demolition in the 1950’s.

So share with me, my love of this beautiful Isle –capture for all time a nostalgic reminder of holiday or home’.

From my first initial design, Hawthorn Villa, at Carrick, my aim was to have the very best product with regard to design, presentation and delivery. I believe the strong passion I had for my subject and willingness to give up many hours of time to achieve a suitable result were the building blocks to creating a successful business.

As I was teaching full time when I first launched into the business, life was very busy, but it was also very rewarding especially to find that family, friends, students and retail businesses were so encouraging and supportive in many different ways………… even though I felt I was re- inventing the wheel!

And the wheel keeps turning!