Ocean Planet Tasmania

Ocean Planet Tasmania is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation who is committed to a sustainable future for Tasmania’s marine environment and all that relies on it – our unique wildlife, our idyllic Tasmanian lifestyle and a secure fishing industry for generations to come. We are a community of individuals – including scientists, fishers, divers and conservationists – who aim to educate and engage the community in achieving a healthy, vibrant marine environment. We organise public events, hold information stalls, meetings and conduct internships through the state’s conservation council Environment Tasmania, to further our aims.

Ocean Planet: Tasmania’s Unique Marine Life

Tasmania’s Unique Marine Environment from Ocean Planet Tasmania on Vimeo.

Produced with Environment Tasmania, a non-profit conservation council dedicated to the protection, conservation and rehabilitation of Tasmania’s natural environment.

The oceans are fundamental to all life on earth. Healthy oceans:

  • produce half of the planet’s oxygen
  • provide nourishment such as seafood
  • regulate temperature and control climatic systems such as rainfall
  • protect coasts from erosion
  • provide medical treatments for diseases such as cancer
  • provide the largest store of carbon in the world

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