Shane Walker

Born in Devonport, Tasmania Shane Walker has his own affinity with the island state. To Shane, Tasmania is his home and his inspiration. Shane was mostly self taught with knowledge gained through reading and experimenting. Shane Walker's images have been published in magazines and books around the world and some of his images have been on display in art galleries and museums around Europe.

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Ode to Tasmania


Looking back when I was a kid,

On the places I have seen, this beautiful island called Tasmania,

It had to be a settler’s dream.

Places like Cradle Mountain & Lake St Clair National Park

With Dove Lake & a photogenic boat shed below,

One of Tasmania’s icons this mountain, best time to see it,

when its tops are covered with snow.

There is an Overland track,

That takes you all the way down, to Lake St Clair,

Many tourists enjoy this walk,

To take photos and fill their lungs with fresh air.

There is Cradle Mountain Lodge and a Visitor’s centre,

A great gallery up there too,

Waterfalls and helicopter rides, hey there is plenty to see and do.

Tasmanian has a lot to offer,

From seafood to fresh vegetables and fruit,

And award winning beers and wine,

All around Tasmania,

It is all at your fingertips,

Wherever you head out to dine.

Fill your Thermos, & pack your lunch,

You will be there in time for brunch.

50 miles of pastures green,

Best dairy country that you have ever seen,

Soon you will arrive at the Mole Creek caves,

About which every tourist raves.

You will see stalagmites, stalactites and pools of water clear,

Trickling streams that are made for dreams, it is a place I love so dear.

If you have a day to spare, and don’t know where to go,

Drive yourself to the Western Tiers and frolic in the snow,

Better still take your rod and cast yourself a line,

You might catch yourself a fish, now wouldn’t that be fine?

People come from far and wide and lots from near about,

To wet a line to pit their skills against the wild rainbow trout

Down the narrow winding roadways as the evening shadows fall,

Beautiful flowering myrtles and Huon pines standing tall,

The man ferns are a waving in the gently blowing breeze,

A parrot might be spotted as it glides between the trees.



In the little townships or up the Gordon River,

The stories of the convict days will leave you in a shiver,

There is always something different where they mine the silver and gold,

Nevertheless, no matter where you cast your eyes, there is beauty to behold.




When you come to Tasmania there is plenty to be seen,

Like any other place that you have never been,

So, do not just sit around and get yourself in a rut,

Drive along to Stanley and see the Stanley Nut,

It overshadows the hamlet like a giant monolith,

To hear people talk about it, you would think it was a myth,

One can stretch one’s muscles and walk up to the top,

Where as far as you can see the views they never stop,

Or you can be a bit lazy and go up in the chair,

But the main thing is you can say, “Stanley, I’ve been there!

Sheffield is the town of murals

It’s like a giant picture show

Paintings on walls, doors and windows

Everywhere you go

There are paintings of the olden days

That reminds you of the past

Like bullock teams and horse and drays

A boot maker and his last

It’s a lovely town to visit

And spend a couple of days

You can wander about the town

Or you could go to the maze




Lemonthyme Lodge is the largest real log cabin In the Southern Hemisphere

Where there is a temperate rainforest

And cascading water so clear,

To me this is a special place,

A place to come and unwind

Walk amongst the Sassafras trees

And see how many black cockatoos you can find

Or relax in a spa

And drink some champagne

While you overlook the forest

And listen to the rain

Behind Lemonthyme Lodge

There is a trail,

That leads you to Waterfalls

Called Champagne and Bridal Veil,

Feel the waterfall’s mist

So refreshing on the face

Lemonthyme forest would have to be my favourite place,

With beams of sunlight

Flickering on the man ferns galore,

And the breeze makes the bracken

Sway, on the forest floor,

And the birds sing, in the canopy above

While wallaby graze beside the track

No matter where you live

You will want to come back



South east of Deloraine

There is a forest called Liffey Reserve

Walk through lush forest,

On a track with many a curve,

The forest floor Is overcome by giant tree ferns

Follow the path to three waterfalls

As Liffey River twists and turns,

It has one of the most photographed waterfalls In this beautiful state,

With its clear fresh water, and shades of green

It’s the perfect bush walker’s dream

If it’s the bush you love to romp,

Why not check out Dismal Swamp?

A huge sink-hole filled with trees of Black Wood,

It’s far from dismal, it’s really rather good,

If you like to learn you can follow a guide,

But if you’re really keen, You can go down to the forest by a 110 meter slide,

Swamp creatures, crayfish and giant insects too,

Or why not stand on the lookout and soak in the view.

Another place I do boast Is the fishing port called Strahan

On Tasmania’s west coast

Take the cruise on the Gordon River

Where the water is like a mirror

Walk amongst the Huon Pine

Some of these trees are thousands of years old

Take a jacket or coat

As it’s usually wet and cold

As the Roaring Forties winds

Endlessly blow,

What is claimed to be the world’s purest air if you didn’t know

Tannin stained water

Meets the wild ocean

At the dangerous entrance called Hell’s Gate,

Where many a sailor has met their fate

Ocean Beach is a spectacular sight

Where you can watch the sunset turn into night

Ocean waves hit the sand

As the Roaring Forties make their stand

Churning the water into foam,

Thick as Brill cream on a barber’s comb,




See the ruins of Sarah Island

This was a convict site of living hell

Britain’s elite banishment place

So the history books do tell.

A place where tens of thousands

Of lashes were given every year

Most of the convicts lives

Would eventually end here.

There was even a mini- school

With a close up view of the floggings each day

I’m telling you This was no place for a holiday

Along the East Coast at Freycinet

Is a beach called Wineglass Bay

One of the world’s top ten beaches So they say

Powder white sand

So fine, it gently squeaks

The beach is sheltered, by the Hazards

Which are three mountain peaks

The water at Wineglass Bay Is a stunning colour of sapphire blue

Take a climb up to Mount Amos

For a better view




When you go down Hobart Way,

Port Arthur is the place to stay,

A convict settlement, in the early days

Where criminals were sent to mend their ways,

A church and prison made of rocks and mortar

Where many a convict was fed bread and water,

Then in more recent times,

The Port Arthur massacre made headlines.

Many were shot, some survived, it was much too late,

When helped arrived.

Port Arthur has got its own ghosts,

and things that go bump in the night,

I was too frightened to turn off the light,

Never the less its worth having a look,

The stories you will hear, you could fill a book.




Hobart is the second oldest capital in Australia,

Dating eighteen hundred and four,

Situated in Tasmania’s south

Rising up from the Derwent River shore,

See Local Tasmanian artisans at the bustling market,

Called Salamanca,

Or sit on the waterfront at Constitution Dock

Where yachts and fishing boats anchor.

Hobart is the home of Australia’s first casino,

It’s the icon of the city too,

Head on over to the roulette wheel,

Lay your chips on black twenty two,

Mt Wellington dominates the Hobart skyline

It looks spectacular when covered in snow,

While youre up on the mountain,

Go check out the rock formation The “Organ Pipes” lined all in a row

To the Northwest of Hobart Is Mount Field National Park

With its luscious green landscape

And man ferns and lichen covered bark

Here you will find a track To Russell Falls,

This cascades mountain water

Over ancient moss covered rock

Grab your camera, its well worth a shot.

Take a drive to the historic town of Richmond

A part of the convict trail

With its antique shops and Australia’s oldest gaol

Australia’s oldest bridge is here

It was built in eighteen twenty three

Made of sandstone and built by convicts

It’s a sight you got to see



When you arrive in Devonport

At the end of your trip

And you have three or four hours

While you wait for your ship

You need somewhere that you can go

That’s quick and easy to reach,

Half an hour out of Devonport

You can be at Baker’s Beach,

There is many a mile of nice clean sand

You can view the fauna that’s at hand

There are rabbits, wallabies and wombats

Everywhere you look

And there’s wild duck, terns and pelicans

A babbling in the brook

Or you can lie back in the picnic area

If that is how you feel

And light up one of the Barbies

And cook yourself a meal,

It’s all so quiet and peaceful

Not a sound to be heard

Except the mating call of a little blue wren

Or some other kind of bird,

So this is a bit of my State,

There is nothing on this Isle I do hate,

Whenever I leave this place to travel & roam,

I seem to always come back to Tasmania,

The place I call home.