Field Guide

Field guides to help you learn and observe

Earth – A Nullschool Visualisation

A visualization of global weather conditions on our favourite planet – earth – courtesy of nullschool

Special Arrangement

The Definitive Guide – How to Find and Photograph Sea Sparkle Bioluminescence

The definitive guide for photographing the unpredictable and rare bioluminescence at the seashore

Arwen Dyer

What’s a Quoin?

Hidden mountains, strong corners


On the Trail of the Fijian Kauri

Chasing the forest giants of the Southern Hemisphere

Astrid Tiefholz-Devine

An Observer’s Guide to Rainbows

You can learn to identify, predict, and conjure rainbows. Here’s how….


Field Guide: Tasmanian Pademelon

A field guide to one of the island’s most common marsupials


Citizen Science- Redmap- Fishing for Data

How you can help document the effects of global climate change on Australia’s marine life

JD Fox

Ode to Tasmania

A poetic appreciation, to be recited around a campfire near the beach under the stars. Say it out loud.

Shane Walker

Introducing- The Long-nosed Potoroo

Be a “rootourist” by spotting and appreciating Australia’s unique macropod wildlife