Agency for Academic Linkage

The Agency liases with researchers and researchers from the world of formal sciences

Expedition Class – Treehouse Challenge

A classroom in the treetops!

Y.D. Bar-Ness

Flowers of the Sky: Comets throughout history

Dirty snowballs from the far reaches of the solar system!

Public Domain Review

Mount Geryon

One of the most daunting peaks in Tasmania

Cam Walker

Citizen Science: Watching the Seasons Change

How citizen science can help us understand seasonal changes in Tasmania’s flora and fauna

Nick Fitzgerald

Mapping the Platypus Century

One hundred years of duck bills

Tina Schroeder

Flying Above the Treetops – Lasers, drones, and tree climbers at Warra

At Warra Long Term Research Site- measuring Tassie’s World Heritage forests

Mark Grant

The Aurora from Above

imagine what fantastical colours and shapes you could see from in orbit…

Special Arrangement

Leaves of the Big Tree

Life itself branches and branches and branches…


An Observer’s Guide to Rainbows

You can learn to identify, predict, and conjure rainbows. Here’s how….


Citizen Science- Platypus Spotting on Mt Wellington

The strangest of all mammals, the Platypus is one of our most treasured animals