The Institute for Sapiens Studies

The Institute studies sapient, conscious, and intelligent organisms of all varieties

Live Bee Exports

Tasmanian honeybees in tip-top shape are traveling overseas

Mountain Creek Media

A Gateway to Charm – Northwest Tasmania (1955)

1955 tourism assertions: “You will begin to feel that all of your dreams of peace and contentment are at last coming true”

Special Arrangement

Meditations on Winter Customs

Short days and long nights can be bring familiarity and meaning.

Bert Spinks

Mangroving: Discovering the Greatest Wilderness

“You and I, with our flexible shoulder joints, grasping hands and good visual depth perception, are still well-adapted to climb in trees. And when we do, we rediscover a talent most of us never knew we had: how to depend on nature with nothing intervening in between.”

Jonathan Bloch

Leaves of the Big Tree

Life itself branches and branches and branches…


The Battle of the Brewers

In a small little valley in the south of Tasmania, a war rages, every year.

Andy Wilson

Far From Home

A Descriptive Air Composed for Three Fiddles.

Special Arrangement

The Far Southwest – A Subversive Land

What makes a wilderness dangerous?

Chris Sharples

Judah Solomon and the Building of the Hobart Synagogue

How the generosity of Judah Solomon facilitated the building of the oldest remaining synagogue in Australia

Rotem Erlich

Fifty People One Question — Launceston

What’s YOUR happiest memory?

Declan Brown