Expedition Class – Treehouse Challenge

Over the course of several wintry weeks, I was fortunate to be able to join the Bookend Trust‘s Andrew Hughes for yet another amazing Expedition Class. Andrew has been linking up with primary school classrooms across Tasmania while exploring this marvelous planet, and conducting a unique educational program regular trip reports and curriculum-based lesson plans.

For the Treehouse Challenge, we set up a fantastic hanging tent provided by Tasmanian-based  Big Wall Gear, and Andrew used this treehouse as a hub for connecting with classrooms. I joined along to help set up the treeclimbs and to serve as one of the forest scientists answering questions from students online.

We climbed into a veteran brown-top stringybark at Hollybank Reserve near Launceston, into an ancient rainforest myrtle in the Tarkine, and into the giant Eucalyptus regnans of the Southern Forests.

You can see Andrew’s excellent trip reports online, and you can enjoy some of the photos I snapped along the way!



Expedition Class

Believe it or not this is our tenth year of adventure here at Expedition Class. To celebrate we tackled something that scares us witless. Climbing way up into really big trees. The Tree House Challenge explored forest types and what makes them different and special by climbing the trees that grow in them.