Five Questions – Southern Africa

What better way to learn about our Southern Hemisphere neighbours than through maps?

Here’s a geography challenge for you…

  1. There’s a hotspot of biodiversity on an island nation lying offshore of Africa’ southeastern cast. It is about five times the size of Tasmania. Which island nation is it?
  2. There are two countries in the south of Africa completely encompassed by a third. Which ones are they?
  3. What is the capital city of Namibia?
  4. The world’s largest waterfall is Mosi-oa-Tunya – formerly known as Victoria Falls. On what river between Zimbabwe and Zambia is it located?
  5. In which landlocked country’s northern parts can you find the Tsodilo Hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 100,000 years of archeological heritage, and the Okavango Delta, a completely landlocked inland river delta?

Answers below!


Maps were sourced from From the Free, Open Source Portable Atlas Project:



The Answers:

  1. Madagascar! Remind you of Tasmania?
  2. Losotho and Swaziland. There must be an interesting history to this….
  3. Windhoek. The name brings to mind Dutch colonial efforts-it means “Wind Corner” in Afrikaaner.
  4. The Zambezi River. The local name for the Falls means— “the smoke that thunders
  5. Botswana. Sound pretty magical, eh?