Frank Hurley: Isle of Many Waters

Frank Hurley (1885-1962) serves as inspiration to documentarians and explorers to this very day. His ground-breaking photographic work in Antarctica, his survival with Shackleton’s crew in the famous disaster of the Endurance, and his work in both World Wars have made him a true legend. We are greatly delighted to share this film from 1939, narrated and filmed by Hurley himself. He eloquently describes the attractions of the island: New Norfolk, Hobart, the Huon Valley, Queenstown, Port Arthur, the Abt Railway, and the rainforest rivers of the West Coast.

Enjoy this ten minute film- it shows Tasmania at its best and is just the sort of content Tasmanian Geographic is most excited about. You can follow the links below to learn more about Frank Hurley and the Isle of Many Waters.

Courtesy of Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office: Film — Isle of Many Waters — (with sound) 9 minutes approx, 1939 (Reference: AC672/1/3)