Issue Ten

Hello and best wishes,

Well, well, we’ve made it to Issue Ten, five months on and forty marvellous stories shared. Thank you very much for staying along with us this far down the road.

After the last issue, with Jon Boxerman’s article on tafoni, we were delighted to have the chance to enthuse about this curious rock formation on ABC Radio Tasmania. Hope you had a chance to tune in.

In this current issue, we’re introducing four new authors and with them, exploring much of the island and the skies above.

Arwen Dyer of Isfryn Photography shares a few of her night skyscapes with us. Arwen is one of the community of Tasmanian aurora photographers, and in this collection she shares some star trails and space stations with us as well.

Alice-Springs based photographer Steven Pearce goes for a trek up the massive Frenchmans Cap as it gets snowed under by a springtime storm, and comes back with a new perspective on the trail.

We march back into fifty years of memory to one of the survey teams marking trails into the thick scrub of the Tasmanian West. Rusty Bitts shares one of his favourite stories from his younger years.

And, to remind us to savour the sun while it’s here, Dean Preston brings us a short, sweet film showing the island in moving pictures.

All the best!

— The Editor

TG #10

In Issue Ten: Auroras and Star Trails + Frenchmans Cap in the Snow + West Coast Tale + Tas in Spring


Tasmania in Spring

Tasmania at its finest. Sit back, chill out for a few minutes and enjoy the journey

Dean Preston

A Tale of the West Coast

Fifty years back, a young surveyor lost in the bush finds a way to show up two experienced West Coast bushmen

Rusty Bitts

Ascending Frenchmans Cap in the Snow

Join a desert photographer on an excursion to the snowcapped springtime mountain

Steven Pearce

Auroras and Star Trails – Ten Stunning Nightscapes

“Awake and ecstatic, finding solace under silent night skies…”

Arwen Dyer