Issue Eleven

Happy New Year!

2014 has arrived, and with it, perhaps, finally, something resembling a warm summer.

The windy weather and the bright sunshine gracing the waterfront in Hobart today is a good reminder that we live in a dynamic environment of ecological disturbances….and also a spectacularly beautiful corner of the world.

In this issue, we start out with Rian Taylor’s handcrafted, high-tech aerial drone videography of Dunalley after last year’s bushfires. He helps us find a new perspective on the landscape, and helps us to see what devastation a wildfire can cause to human constructions.

We’re delighted to share our second historical article from Helen Webberley over in Melbourne– she introduces us to the landscape paintings and overland explorations of Piguenit. These images were especially delightful to view, in particular the one of Mt King William — as shortly after I type this I’ll be heading into the mountains to that very same region.

JD Fox shares an essay on memory techniques and recall with us, describing ancient and modern techniques that can be used to help you remember the things you encounter on your travels.

To round it off, have a good read of photographer Shane Walker’s ode to the island. Read it out loud, while sitting on the beach at sunset. It’s the first verse article we’ve ever run! The photos are a treat, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

Here’s hoping that 2014 is even better than the last one.

Happy Trails!

— The Editor

TG #11

In Issue Eleven: A Quadcopter View of the Dunalley Bushfires + Mnemosyne: The Storm of Memory + An Artist in the Wilderness: Piguenit and the Australian Landscape + Ode to Tasmania


Ode to Tasmania

A poetic appreciation, to be recited around a campfire near the beach under the stars. Say it out loud.

Shane Walker

Mnemosyne: The Storm of Memory

Explore the Memory Palace: Techniques and aids for memory

JD Fox

An Artist in the Wilderness: Piguenit and the Australian Landscape

Piguenit, an explorer and painter, starred in two important elements: his magic silvery light and his glassy bodies of water

Helen Webberley

A Quadcopter View of the Dunalley Bushfires

It’s been a year since last summer’s bushfires. Let’s take a moment to remember and be aware during this upcoming summer.

Rian Taylor