Issue Thirty One

TG #31

TG #31 : Endangered Forty-spotted Pardalotes + Ancient Forest Whispers +Lost Worlds Restored + Mountaineering – the Ducane Traverse


What’s Killing the Endangered Forty-spotted Pardalote?

Blood-sucking larvae? No more old trees? Fights with other species? Drought?

Amanda Edworthy

The Forgotten Whispers of an Ancient Forest

Blood-red waters, a giant flora god, unshakeable faith, and unswerving scepticism. A forest, a dream, a mystery…

Tristan Stuart

Lost Worlds Restored – Fossil Replication

Art as an ambassador for science… the piece is often so seamless that the observer doesn’t even realize that he or she is looking at a skillful reconstruction.

Zach Fitzner

Mountaineering Tasmania – The Ducane Traverse

Notes from a mountaineer – Steep and often wind blasted and icy slopes, cliffs, occasional rock fall, slow travel across boulder fields.

Cam Walker