Issue Six

In this springtime issue, we look at new ideas in tourism and landscape appreciation. There’s consistent attention to Tassie’s economical trends, and we’d like to contribute to the conversation by highlighting some interesting directions in the tourism industry.

Dr. Peter Manchester promotes to the concept of “geotourism”- travel associated with interesting geological features. We were delighted to meet Dr. Manchester, the author of a geological travel guide to Tasmania, and to have the opportunity to share his views on this promising area of Tasmania’s tourism industry.

We then travel to a pinnacle of rock on Tasmania’s east coast, one of the dolerite spires of the Tasman Peninsula, to join a visiting Canadian climber on a harrowing ascent of the Moai.

Overseas, the most famous of all extreme geotourism destinations must be the High Himalaya.

Dave Ohlson, of Ursus Films, has spent several years studying and visiting K2, the world’s second highest and perhaps the most challenging mountain in the world. Dave’s film has been lauded in several mountain film festivals, and the film trailer we’ve posted is a nice quick introduction to this incredible mountain.

To round it off, we’ll have a look at “Rootourism”, an Australian project to familiarize tourists with the kangaroos and wallabies of our island continent. We’ll meet the Long-nosed Potoroo, one of Tassie’s small marsupials.


Until next time.

— The Editor

TG #6

In Issue Six: Geotourism: Energised Tourism for Tasmania + Climbing The Moai + Introducing- The Long-nosed Potoroo + Ursus Films- K2: Siren of the Himalayas


Ursus Films- K2: Siren of the Himalayas

View the film trailer of a feature documentary showing the adventure, peril, teamwork and serenity of a mountaineering group’s attempt to summit the world’s most challenging peak.

Dave Ohlson

Introducing- The Long-nosed Potoroo

Be a “rootourist” by spotting and appreciating Australia’s unique macropod wildlife


Geotourism: Energised Tourism for Tasmania

Our island has an opportunity to show the world how special it is geologically….

Peter S. Manchester

Climbing The Moai

Our enthusiasm mounted early as we made plans to climb one of Tasmania’s unique and beautiful rock towers protruding from the sea. ..

James Cruikshank