Issue Nine

Hello and best wishes,

In this ninth issue of Tasmanian Geographic we’re approaching the end of the calendar year with a nice and varied issue.

For starters, we are introduced to some of the most beautiful of all natural rock formations- the tafoni that develop in sandstone. These are an artist’s delight, a zoological haven, and a geologist’s puzzle. Did you know there are tafoni on Mars?

Gin-Clear Media is a New Zealand company specialise in fly-fishing movies. They reckon Tasmania is the best place in all of Australia for this elegant outdoor pursuit, and in a stunning short film trailer they give a sense of what it’s like chasing these clever fish.

Double Convex Photography came for a sharp and fast visit to the island and recorded the trip in exhausting detail. Want to see what it’s like to travel the roads and see the sights? Check out their timelapse, and keep an eye out for some brilliant shots at some roadside destinations!

And a special thanks to the Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority for sharing an introduction to this World Heritage treasure. Learn what makes this place so special, so accessible, and so interesting.

Hope you enjoy reading these as much as we enjoyed editing them!

— The Editor

TG #9

In Issue Nine: What is Tafoni? + The Source- Fly Fishing in Tasmania + Double Convex: Tasmania In Timelapse + An Introduction to World Heritage: Port Arthur and the Coal Mines


Double Convex: Tasmania In Timelapse

How do you share half a terabyte of images from a short and sharp driving tour?

Debashis Talukdar

The Source- Fly Fishing in Tasmania

Strap yourself in for a breathtaking ride through Australia’s fly fishing wonderland – Tasmania

Gin-Clear Media

What is Tafoni?

Tafoni are beautifully rounded cavities found in a variety of rocks on Earth

Jon Boxerman