Modern Mapping – A 1958 Film Documentary

Tasmanian Magazine Number 3 (1958)

Courtesy LINC Tasmania / Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office

This episode explores

  1. Tasmanian map making and aerial survey photography using ex-service aircraft the Lockheed Hudson
  2. Peter MacCallum Clinic Launceston (includes Therapy Radiographer Isabell Bull and Pam Barton)
  3. Pett Falls Museum run by Peter Mercer.

A Tasmanian Film Unit Production

Please be advised that this footage may contain words and descriptions that may be culturally sensitive, which reflect the attitude of the period in which the film was produced, and which may be considered inappropriate today.

Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office: Film – Tasmanian Magazine Number 3 (1958) – 16BWRP 16mm black and white release print 6m 45s (sound) – (Reference: AB869/1/2698