Year-in-Review 2015: Readers’ Choice, Editor’s Picks, Annual Index

2015 has been an exciting year for readers of Tasmanian Geographic. We’ve journeyed into the treetops, orbited the planet, traversed the high mountains, visited New Zealand, hunted for sapphires, discovered Jurassic tree ferns, dived into a subterranean cave, marvelled at the aurora and the sea sparkle both, and much more.

As a review here are three ways for you to revisit what we’ve published in the last calendar year and get ready for 2016. We’ll start with the Readers’ Choice Awards, which are calculated by abacus and fingercounting using digital readership figures. These five articles were the ones which you. dear friends, found the most engaging, and, notwithstanding the non-scientific nature of the statistics, it’s very likely that you’ll enjoy rereading them.

Next, five Picks from the Editor’s Desk. These are articles worthy of a special mention, and were chosen without any reference to quantitative measurements.  Do check them out, and enjoy. And, finally, the complete index – at a glance you can study all of the things we’ve published this year, and choose your own favourite.

All the best! Happy New Year!


Reader’s Choice Awards 2015 (in no particular order):


Editor’s Picks (in no particular order):

Annual Index 2015: Tasmanian Geographic: