Slap Dash- A Song From 1896

This old music hall style tune had a song that told a sinister story: A few kids had been convinced to help whitewash a wall at the Hobart Brickworks tower near Battery Point. As a joke, one of the workers laced their lunch with white wash lime– resulting in poisoning and at least one death.

This song came to Tasmania from Suffolk where it was was written in 1896.. about whitewashing walls….when there was an incident in Tasmania where children recruited to whitewash the Hobart Brickworks wall were given lime wash in their lunch sandwiches and fell very ill with at least one death…. new local darker words were adapted…there is an English version (Slap Dab) recorded by Cyril Poacher in the first part of the 20 century, but there is also an American version recorded in the 1920s by The New Arkansas Travelers. Marjorie and Steve perform the tune to the Tasmanian version.