The International Wall of Friendship

Did you know Tasmania has friends from all over the world?


Shutterbug – Maria Island

Maria Island is a paradise for photographers….

Roy Vieth

Sphere: The Cambell Street Penitentiary – In The Cell

What would it be like to await trial In one of Australia’s most important convict heritage sites?

Penitentiary Chapel

An Artist in the Wilderness: Piguenit and the Australian Landscape

Piguenit, an explorer and painter, starred in two important elements: his magic silvery light and his glassy bodies of water

Helen Webberley

Daylighting the Rivulet

What if Hobart’s long-forgotten waterway was brought back into social consciousness?

Tiffani Navratil

Images of Colonial Tasmania

An exquisite photo gallery bring the architectural history of colonial Tasmania to light

Roy Vieth

Huts of Mount Wellington

John and Maria Grist recount the history of the hut-building efforts of yesteryear

John and Maria Grist

Judah Solomon and the Building of the Hobart Synagogue

How the generosity of Judah Solomon facilitated the building of the oldest remaining synagogue in Australia

Rotem Erlich