Citizen Science

Citizen Science with the Tasmanian Land Conservancy – ABC Science Week Wildlife Spotter

Help identify wildlife captured by remote camera in Tasmanian conservation lands

Special Arrangement

Wombat Warriors: Creating a future for Tasmanian wombats

Practical work in the field: conserving wombat populations

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Citizen Science: Watching the Seasons Change

How citizen science can help us understand seasonal changes in Tasmania’s flora and fauna

Nick Fitzgerald

Redmap Video Comp First Prize – Code Red In the Blue

Wouldn’t it be great if anyone who loves the ocean could contribute?

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Redmap – Captain’s Address

From the Captain- Join the quest to see the true effects of ocean warming. Cheerio!

Special Arrangement
Special Arrangement

Redmap – Temperate Paradise

It’s almost as if it was on the Great Barrier Reef…(but it’s not)

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Applied Cryptozoology – Using Leeches to Locate the Thylacine

Thinking outside the box: locating a legend with a leech….

Michael Weinzierl

Citizen Science- Platypus Spotting on Mt Wellington

The strangest of all mammals, the Platypus is one of our most treasured animals


Citizen Science- Redmap- Fishing for Data

How you can help document the effects of global climate change on Australia’s marine life

JD Fox