Tassie Bushrangers – Michael Howe

“Upon which he took to the bush, and gathered round him the most troublesome of all the gangs then abroad…”

Special Arrangement

The First Muslims in Tasmania

Saib Sultan and Zimran Youram were the first Muslims in Tasmania. One survived a shipwreck, the other was a convict…

Bert Spinks

Sphere: Campbell Street Penitentiary – The Chapel

Convict justice and reformation went hand in hand with Christian values…

Penitentiary Chapel

Sphere: The Cambell Street Penitentiary – In The Cell

What would it be like to await trial In one of Australia’s most important convict heritage sites?

Penitentiary Chapel

Judah Solomon and the Building of the Hobart Synagogue

How the generosity of Judah Solomon facilitated the building of the oldest remaining synagogue in Australia

Rotem Erlich