Early Recycling at Shag Bay

The story of Bonemill Bay.

John and Maria Grist

Five Decades Ago: A Tasmanian Story

“It is a land washed by the seas on every side…Strange tigers and prehistoric animals made the island their home.”

Special Arrangement

Images from the Wooden Boat Festival

“… It now ranks as one of the biggest and best maritime celebrations in the world….”

Wooden Boat Festival

A Crystal Symphony

Have a look inside one of the massive cruise liners visiting Tasmanian waters

Special Arrangement

The International Wall of Friendship

Did you know Tasmania has friends from all over the world?


What’s a Quoin?

Hidden mountains, strong corners


The Irish Exiles: Thomas Francis O’ Meagher

How did an Irish Revolutionary escape Van Dieman’s Land to become the Governor of Montana?

Reg Watson

Daylighting the Rivulet

What if Hobart’s long-forgotten waterway was brought back into social consciousness?

Tiffani Navratil

Huts of Mount Wellington

John and Maria Grist recount the history of the hut-building efforts of yesteryear

John and Maria Grist

Sphere: Mount Wellington Pinnacle

Take a virtual visit to the summit of the southern Tasmanian Mountain