For Your Eyes Only – Cave Diving in Central Tasmania

There are wild places that nobody ever sees….except a few…

Janine McKinnon

Underground Australia

A compilation of historical photographs from the subterranean world, compiled courtesy the National
Library of Australia

Special Arrangement

The Fate of the Cliefden Caves

A unique cave system in New South Wales is under threat of flooding by a proposed dam….Save Cliefden Caves needs your help!

Special Arrangement

A Torch in the Dark – Light Painting

In the absence of sunlight, your camera is your canvas for painting with light…

Jasper Da Seymour

In Utter Darkness

There’s world class low-light photography happening here. Came and capture some photons in a technical photoshoot deep underground…

Francois Fourie

The Lure of the Glowworms

The most magical creatures imaginable: A research update from the University of Queensland

David Merritt