Giant Trees of Tasmania – Where to See Them and Why They’re Important

Did you know Tasmania has the world’s tallest and largest flowering plants?

Y.D. Bar-Ness

The Finest Details: Etching Tasmanian Plants

Where art and science meet: Taking a very close look at our native flora…

Deborah Wace

TG Project Update – A Visitor’s Guide to Giant Trees

We need your help: we’re looking for giant trees around Tasmania


Climbing the World’s Tallest Flowering Tree

Observation, images, and photospheres from the branches of the world’s tallest flowering plant

Y.D. Bar-Ness

On the Trail of the Fijian Kauri

Chasing the forest giants of the Southern Hemisphere

Astrid Tiefholz-Devine

As the Seasons Turn

What’s red, yellow, orange, and green, is found up high, and is about to fall?

Arwen Dyer

A Communion with the Miena Cider Gum

“Few experiences compare to an acquaintance with trees of such haunting magnificence and presence… “

David Tng

The Last Deciduous Tree in Tasmania

There is only one tree left in Tasmania that loses its leaves in the winter

David Tng