Sphere: The Cambell Street Penitentiary – In The Cell

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Situated on the corner of Brisbane and Campbell Streets in Hobart, Tasmania, the Penitentiary Chapel was built in the early 1830’s according to the design of Irish born Colonial Architect and Civil Engineer John Lee Archer. Originally designed as a Chapel for the growing male convict population in Hobart Town, there was also the inclusion of 36 solitary confinement punishment cells, unlit and poorly ventilated, constructed beneath the Chapel floor.

The Chapel served the adjoining Prisoners Barracks or Penitentiary, which later became the Hobart Gaol. Today, the Penitentiary Chapel Historic Site remains a fascinating insight into Colonial Tasmania. A beautiful 1834 tower with the two Courtrooms remaining virtually unchanged for over 150 years, and the Gaol Chapel restored to display John Lee Archer’s original design.

From http://www.penitentiarychapel.com/