TG #14

Another fine issue for you in #14.

We’re always a fan of collaborative citizen science projects, and we’ve got a great profile of one of Tasmania’s flagship projects- Redmap. It’s a tool to help fishers and divers record anomalous sightings of marine life, and is a groundbreaking research project out of the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies.

David Tng brings out the botanist in all of us with his own narrative of discovery…and Rusty Bitts spins another yarn of the early days and informs us how to avoid the dread Tasmanian crocodiles. Hint: volcanoes are involved.

It wraps up with a succinct NASA video describing space weather. They’ve got a science education wing that produces amazing content, and once again it’s a true delight to see some of the celestial wonders.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed compiling it!
— The Editor