TG #20

In Issue Twenty:
An Observer’s Guide to Rainbows + On the Trail of the Fijian Kauri + The Black Marble – Earth at Night + A Torch in the Dark – Light Painting

We love landmarks, so we are very glad to make a round twenty issues as we jump past the winter solstice and into the true grasp of winter. Twenty, perhaps, is not so exciting as ten, or one hundred, but we’ll celebrate nonetheless with your fine and magical articles to explore the world around us.

It’s as colourful as it gets in this issue. We are happy to present you with An Observer’s Guide to Rainbows. It’s been on the site for a while but deserved a cleanup and a feature position. If you read this one carefully, we promise you’ll be able to predict, classify, and appreciate rainbows like never before.

We’ll travel to Fiji with Astrid Tiefholz on a quest for some of the largest forest trees of the South Pacific, the giant Dakua tree. We’ll orbit the planet with NASA and learn about a high resolution night-sky globe that shows us our beautiful planet as a delicate black marble.

Then, we’ll venture into the dark with Jasper Da Seymour, a specialist in light painting. He’s using a torch as a paintbrush, and a camera as a canvas. He’s managed to bring spectacular shapes and designs into existence…shapes never before seen… until now.

As always, we rely on you and your enthusiasm to help us spread the word about these wonderful stories. Tell a friend, if you’d be so kind!

All the best!

– The Editor
Southern Hemisphere Winter Solstice 2014