TG #21

In Issue Twenty One:
Photo Tips – Wilkography + Tasmanian Cape Namesakes + Penitentiary Chapel Sphere + Redmap: Temperate Paradise

Big decisions here at Tasmanian Geographic. Should it be TwentyOne, Twentyone, Twenty and One, or Twenty One?

This quandary, however, pales in comparison to that of choosing which articles to put into this midwinter issue. We’re very glad to have a bumper crop of excellent articles queued up, and look forward to sharing them with you in the upcoming editions.

If you are on the social web looking at Tasmanian photographs you’d have come across the phenomenal work of Wilkography, aka Ben Wilkinson. We’re especially pleased to launch a new series here at TG, in which creative documentarians share ten lessons from their own experience. It’s backed up by ten fantastic images to inspire your own artwork.

We dive into the archives to a century-old gem of a guidebook. J. Moore-Robinson collected the stories of the names on the maps, and compiled them into the charming  Record of Tasmanian Nomenclature. We’ve pulled out some of of the most outstanding points of interest from this book – the headlands, promontories, and capes.

We revisit the Campbell Street Penitentiary and share a photo sphere of the interior of the building, at the faithful heart of the the convict court. Things have changed in the Australian system since then.

And last, but not least – We love citizen science projects and we’re especially keen on the Redmap (Range Extension Database Map)! This is a portal and a community where you can share your sightings of fish and other marine life as they are spotted in new habitats around Australia. Redmap has recently conducted a video competition and invited filmmakers to send in a short video promoting the project. Tasmanian Geographic is delighted to be able to share the award-winners with you in the upcoming issues. Congratulations to all who participated, and thank you Redmap for running the competition!

All the best!

– The Editor