TG #22

An anniversary.
In Issue Twenty Two:
Lake Judd Packrafting + Brewers’ Battle +  Redmap – Tables Turned + Quoins

Hello and best wishes!

It is an anniversary. We have reached one year of Tasmanian Geographic! Thank you for your support and involvement in what has turned out to be a most marvelous ride.

Of all the things that I enjoy about running this project, it’s that it gives me a way to branch out and learn more about the other projects, passions, and stories that inspire people on the island and abroad. So far, we’ve published about eighty stories from about fifty contributors, and produced twenty one issues bundling together their work. The idea, of course, is that bringing these different elements together creates a more interesting and engaging work.

So let’s dive on in.

In the most jagged and carved terrain of the Southwest, Nick Fitzgerald hops onto an ultralight raft and takes a paddle on Lake Judd. His photos are spectacular and bring a colour and brightness to a place that can be grey, stormy, and intimidating. Enjoy the cool waters and scenic vistas.

Andrew Wilson makes videos, captures images, and helps knit together a community of freelancers and consultants at the Hobart Waterfront. He chimes in with a photo essay on a beer-brewing competition somewhere in a Tasmanian valley. His portraits will bring in the cheer and warmth of the event; a competition where everyone wins.

We bring another one of Redmap’s videos from their recent competition- If the Tables Were Turned by Piers Luttrell. It’s quick, it’s funny, and it reminds you of what the fish experience when the citizens scientists come visiting.

And, to get cartographic, the mapmakers’ department tries to answer what surely is the most pressing question on everyone’s mind….what’s a quoin?  By the time you finish reading it….you’ll know what one is and where to find them.

As always, please enjoy! Tell your friends and we hope we’ll have another magical year.

All the best!

– The Editor