TG #23

In Issue Twenty Three:
Darwin’s Great Tree + Climbing Mt Murchison +  Tafoni on Dromedary + Redmap – Captain

Hello and best wishes!

#23 is an issue drafted on the road, being sent to you from a hotel in Kyoto, Japan.

In this issue, we’ll follow along with the Charles Darwin’s famous analogy of life as a branching tree, and change his archaic language into something more modern.

In a photo essay we’ll get into the high mountains of the Tasmanian west coast and into the magical terrain of Mount Murchison. Strange rocks and glacial carving have combined to create a spectacular peak. And it’s a fast climb you can do in a day!

We’ll continue our mild obsession with the sandstone formations known as tafoni. and we’ll continue on with another video from the Redmap competition.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

– The Editor