TG #25

In Issue Twenty Five:

Lessons from Climbing  + Huon Apples + Henty Sand Dunes + Overland Gear
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A momentary break in the travels in the Northern Hemisphere has provided a great opportunity to present four excellent articles to you. It’s a sweltering Florida evening and a tremendous storm with lightning bolts and torrential rains has just passed.

This quartet takes you from the highest mountains to the stormy coast, and from the orchards to the rock cliffs. They’ve been in the queue for a while – and I think you’ll agree they were well worth the wait.

Paul Monigatti shares some practical wisdom gleaned from his experiences as a rock climber and research scientist. It’s a fun read, and full of good advise. Make absolutely sure you check on Hofstader’s Law – it’s tremendously useful!

Beth Hall shares the first half of her excellent history of apple cultivation in the Huon Valley. It’s so good, it will make the next apple you eat taste even better.

Felipe Ramirez shares a poster and text describing the wondrous Henty Sand Dunes of the West Coast. Whether you’ve walked the sands or not, you’ll find his description clear and informative.

And, to send you on your way this spring season, Warwick Sprawson has shared a third excerpt from The Overland Track guidebook: A Gear List. So, start throwing it all into your pack and get ready to go!

The Editor!