TG #27

In Issue Twenty Seven:

An Island Of Isthmuses, Explained + The First Muslims in Tasmania + Stowing Away on a Cruise Ship + Summertime Snow on Mount Anne
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Just a few days before the Solstice. We’re back at the office and the Editor’s desk between summertime excursions and it’s been a rather ridiculous bit of wintertime here in the South. Our hopes for warm days have been literally dashed to pieces by a freak hailstorm. Spheres of ice the size of marbles rained down and the damage to structures and agriculture are still being assessed.


As the year’s end approaches, we’re brainstorming ideas for a year-in-review compilation. Were there any articles in 2014 that you found especially interesting. engaging, or notable? Send us an email to and share what you’re thinking.
This issue covers a wide terrain: from David Hurburgh’s interpretations of our unique coastline to Storyteller Spink’s recounting of thearrival of the first Muslims in Tasmania from India. We’ll scramble up onto Mount Anne with Chris Coxson, only to get battered by the storms, and then we’ll recover in luxury by sneaking onto one of the mammoth cruise ships that appears in the harbour every so often.
We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed publishing them!
All the best!
The Editor