TG #28

In Issue Twenty Eight:

Artist on Flinders Island + Timeline of Tasmanian Aboriginal History + Delicate Sand Sculptures + Tassie Bushranger
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Another  year has arrived since we last sent out an issue, and we hope you had a wonderful turning of the calendar. In this issue we’ll glimpse into the timeless, the ephemeral, the ancient past, and the recent past.
First, the timeless – Arwen Dyer returns from her sojourn as an Artist-in-Residence on Flinders Island with stunning images of the night sky cosmos and ancient granites of this Bass Strait island. Then, the ancient past – Dr. Breen of the University of Tasmania and the Flinders Island Aboriginal Association Inc. have shared a timeline of  history that begins 43,000 years and includes archeological and historical records of human life in Tasmania.
Then, there is the ephemeral – we focus on the fine details and fragile artistry of wind-blown sand, with a macro view of the crest of a coastal dune. Finally, we’ll look in to the relatively recent history to the dangerous days of Tasmanian bushrangers, and learn a bit about the dastardly gang of Michael Howe and his cronies.
We hope you enjoy reading these pieces as much as we did!
All the best!
The Editor