TG #29

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In Issue Twenty Nine:

Eldon Range  + Save Cliefden Caves!  + Central Asia + Wooden Boat Festival

After too many cold days, summer seems to finally be here. The waterfront in Hobart has been full of good cheer and festive crowds for Regatta Day and the Australian Wooden Boat Festival. We’ve had airplane stunt pilots in the skies overhead, fireworks over the water, and a carnival at the Regatta grounds. There are tall historical ships, navy boats, Antarctic research vessels, small kayaks, cruising ships, and boats of all description. At the festival, there have been thousands of people, carousels, model boat exhibits, musicians performances, food vendors of all description, and abundant sunshine.

In this issue we’ve got a great account of a trip traversing the remote Eldon Range. Ben Armstrong recalls just how arduous their peak bagging adventure was, and reminds us why so few bushwalkers make it to these rugged mountains.

We check in with the cavers of New South Wales and the efforts to protect the geoheritage and underground wilderness of Cliefden Caves from a planned dam. Like the dam projects of Lake Pedder and the Franklin River, this proposal would irrevocably destroy some of the continent’s most important caves.

And then it’s even farther north to the “-Stans”. With maps generated by the Portable Atlas project, we’ve set up a simple geography quiz on the countries of Central Asia. See if you can answer these questions on countries that aren’t well known in Australia — good luck!

And finally, we check in the the Australian Wooden Boat Festival’s Media Room and share some of the fantastic photos they’ve got of the recent events at the waterfront. We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we do!

All the best,

The Editor