TG #3

Hello again!

The first day of Spring officially comes on the first of September, so by the time you read this, spring has arrived. Unofficially, though, spring (and autumn, winter, and summer) has astronomical significance, and it’s not until the Equinox on the 21st that the planetary seasons shift. So…taken together, this means you can celebrate the coming of spring twice.

We were greatly honoured to have Tasmanian Geographic and our story profiled in the Hobart newspaper in late August, and appreciate the interest and enthusiasm it has sparked. As always, we request that if you dig what you read, or watch, or hear on Tasmanian Geographic, please spread the word. You can forward this issue to a friend, or find us on social media outlets. Click the icons and they’ll take you there.

So, at the moment, the flowers are arriving on the cherry trees and there’s a dash of sunshine waking us all up from our winter hibernations.

Nice weather means it’s time for a bushwalk- the mountains are calling and it is time to go…

Until next time.

— The Editor

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