TG #31

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In Issue Thirty-One :

Endangered Forty-spotted Pardalotes + Ancient Forest Whispers + Lost Worlds Restored + Mountaineering – the Ducane Traverse

From high mountain peaks to caves in ancient forests, and from current issues in bird conservation to ancient paleobiology, TG #31 has been a real treat to put together.

Amanda Edworthy from Australian National University and adventure photographer Angi Kim document the plight of the endangered forty-spotted pardalote, one of the very rarest birds in Australia.

We are delighted to run another story from Tristan Stuart, recounting an adventure, a mystery, and a journey into a strangely alien forest. This one will keep you thinking about it long after you’ve finished reading it.

Zach Fitzner writes in from overseas and shares his experience working with Tasmania’s highly-skilled fossil casters, and helps us to visualise the strange animals that once wandered these lands.

And we are delighted to share Cam Walkers trail notes of the Ducane Traverse, a challenging overland route in the highest mountain ranges of Tasmania.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy reading them as much as we did. If you enjoy Tasmanian Geographic, tell a friend who you think would be interested. We’re always looking to link up with storytellers, documentarians, thinkers, travellers, and enthusiasts of all kinds.


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