TG #32

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In Issue 32…

Gallipoli: Through the Soldier’s Lens + The Pillars at the End of the World
+ Melaleuca: An Alphabetical Miscellany  + The Arrival of Hops

We will all return to dust, but the deeds we do and the art we make might outlast us. This month Australia commemorated the centenary of the WWI invasion of Gallipoli, and marked it with  the ANZAC day holiday. But visualising the terrain and sensing the reality of those events can be difficult, which is why we were so enthralled with the snapshots taken by the ANZACs themselves. Alison Wishart of the Australian War Memorial has gifted the wonderful Public Domain Review, and therefore all of us, with a remarkable writeup and compilation of portable camera snapshots from April 1915. It’s a remarkable record and a fascinating insight into photojournalism and the conditions of the War.

Back on the island, let’s then go to Tasmania’s far southeast and the far southwest with two prolific writers. The outreach geologist Stephanie Sykora,  author of the web resource Exploring the Earth, shares her observations of and excitement for the surreal and spectacular pillars of the dolerite coast. And we start out with the first sections of Nicole Gill’s Alphabetical Miscellany of natural history during a stay in Melaleuca – her summertime discoveries can help us remember the long days as the winter comes closer and closer.

And then, after such heavy subjects and such long travel, it’s time to relax with a beer. And Storyteller Spinks has a tale to share, about the arrival of hops and the crafting of Tasmania’s brewery industry.

Enjoy it, you’ve earned it!

All the best,

The Editor