TG #34

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In TG #34:

The Stories They Tell: Oral Histories + Anatomia Universa + Sheltered Passage + Ten Tips – Shutterbug

Tas Geo is now at issue 34, and we’re delighted to have more content queued up for your reading pleasure. The web site is continuing to evolve: a new advertisement format and subscription form are now active on the site. Do click on the links to our gracious supporters, and let them know that you saw them on TG.

This issue marks one of our first forays into audio as a documentary tool, with an introduction to Oral History and some tips to get you started with interviewing the people around you. Since reading this article by Ben Ross, I’ve had the good fortune of meeting my 91 year old neighbour, originally from Poland, and hearing her stories of Stalin’s prison camps and solo travels across Central Asia as a teenage girl. Go find that audio recording app from your smartphone, and talk to your elders before its too late!

Back into the realm of colours and pixels, we continue the Ten Tips -Ten Pics  series of photography tutorials with Roy from Shutterbug Walkabouts, and we get right into some technical pointers that you can use when processing image from your own adventures.

A new documentary project from the southeast is up and running: Sheltered Passage. They’ve shared the first of their films with us, and you’ll enjoy hearing about fishing in the Huon and Bruny waters many years back.

And we wrap up with the most intimate and nearby of all frontiers – our own bodies. Have a close look at the Italian anatomist Paolo Mascagni’s stunning drawings of the human body, published in the 1820s well before the invention of photography.


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