TG #35

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In This Issue:

Century of the Platypus + Macquarie Aurora + Underground Australia + Cruising Bass Strait: King Island

Hello and best wishes in midwinter,

There’s sunshine and snow visible out the window as TG 35 is compiled by our team of artisan platypus and master craft-devils.

This issue, we’ve got one hundred years of platypus research placed online in a collaborative archive – you can learn more about it in an update from Tina Schroeder and Mark Grant. We’ll also peer through the lens of Nick Fitzgerald at the strange colours in the sky above the Subantarctic Macquarie Island, and indulge everyone’s ongoing appetite for pictures of the Southern Lights.

Then, courtesy of the National Library of Australia, there’s a collection of historical photos from the early 20th century of underground locations across Australia and into Antarctica, with a fair few pictures by that paragon of Australian adventure photographers, Frank Hurley (His wonderful film on Tasmania, Isle of Many Waters, is also worth searching for back in Issue Five). Finally, we join Norm and Dawn by video on their sailboat tour across Bass Strait, and get a glimpse at island life on King Island.

You’ll surely  enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed gathering them!

Special update: National Science Week is soon happening around Tasmania, and there’s a great number of events going on to get you thinking about the natural world and the scientific endeavour. Have a look at their event-finder schedule online, and do get involved. We’re especially excited about two upwards-looking events:

In Ulverstone on the North Coast: The inaugural TAStroFest – Tasmania’s Astronomy Festival – is running from Saturday 1st August to Monday 3rd. There’s  guest speakers, astrophotography workshops, evening sky viewings, science shows, telescope workshops AND an indoor planetarium! Learn more at

In Hobart: Aurora Australis & Night-Sky Festival – is taking Friday 7th August to September 03.  It was great fun two years ago, and is set to be even better this year. There will be night sky photography workshops, lectures on understanding and predicting the aurora, and more. If you come along to the The Tasmanian Night Sky Photography Awards at the Wild Island Gallery, I might see you there. Learn more at

All the best,

The Editor