TG #36

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In Issue #36 :

The Remarkable Acellular Slime Moulds + The Kiwi Coast + Cave Diving + Almost a Flowering Plant


 Welcome to TG #36, a springtime edition written for you in a sunny room overlooking the Derwent River. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

We kick off with some of the very weirdest and strangest of all organisms – the slime molds. They are magical, curious, and marvellous. Tasmania is fortunate to have a passionate advocate for their appreciation in Sarah Lloyd, and we think you’ll enjoy her naturalist’s introduction to the field. The photographs remind us of the small and spectacular world of the forest floor.

Arwen Dyer returns to TG after another arts residency in an amazing place. This time she brings us images from the Southern Island of New Zealand, and gives us a taste of the majesty and scale of their wild landscapes.

We then hold our breath and feel our way through the dark alongside,Janine McKinnon, as she traverses a flooded section of of a deep limestone cave to visit an isolated chamber. When she recorded this video, however, she was well-equipped with diving gear and torches, and has brought back a fascinating record of of a truly hidden space.

And a  warm welcome back to David Tng, who tells us the story of  a native moss trying to deceive us into thinking it’s a flowering plant. Luckily there are some sharp-eyed botanists to set us straight.


All the best,

The Editor